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Since September 2021, The Turk’s Head has had its very own micro-brewery! You’ll find our brews on both bars, including our flagship IPA, Fat Boy, which was one of our first experiments and now a legendary tipple.

Not sure what to drink? Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through our latest brews and if you still can’t choose, we’ll offer you a tasting board of 3 delicious beers to sip, gulp and glug.

If you’re lucky and the tank room is available, the team can give you a peek inside, to see where the beers are made.

Have a look at some of our range below, but make sure you pop by regularly to see what new delights we’re brewing-up in the tanks.

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Our beers

Meet the Brewer

We’re lucky to have our Head Brewer, Simon with over 10+ years experience in the brewing game. The Turks have now produced over 50 beers since opening, with many more in the pipeline.

When did you start brewing beer?
My first brew was at University back in 2011 using a basic kit - the result was not great! After that, it was another 3 years until I brewed again when I moved into a new flat with a friend who had brewed a bit with his Dad. We started brewing with malt extracts and adding our own hops. The results were slightly better. In 2015 we then made our own brew kit out of buckets, heating elements, dodgy wiring and copper pipes. We also tampered with an old fridge to make it into a temperature controlled fermentation chamber which massively helped our home-brew quality (don’t try this at home).

What interested you about brewing beer?
For my first brews it was definitely about making cheap beer – students! But when I started home brewing properly in 2015 it was more an interest in the whole process and the variety of ingredients you can add to make different beers.

What was your favourite beer when you were 18 and what is it now? What changed?
Fosters. It’s still the beer I’ve probably drank the most of even though I haven’t drank any in about 8 years! My favourite beer now is Früh Kölsch. In between the two there were phases of traditional ales, IPAs, sours, wheat beers, IPAs again etc.

What beer have you brewed that you are most proud of and why?
White Trash 5.8% American IPA. It’s our oldest brand and was initially going to be a 4.5% golden ale but I insisted we needed an IPA in our starting line up. I’m not sure it would’ve lasted as long as a golden ale.

What is the best tool to have handy as a brewer?
An Assistant Brewer.


Ever fancied yourself as a brewer? Well now you can put yourself to the test with our incredible Brewery Experience Day.
Kick off the day with breakfast and introductions with our brewers Tilly & Simon, followed by a complete brew day, from start to finish – with lunch included of course!
Topped off with a few well-deserved pints at the end, this truly is a fantastic opportunity for any beer enthusiast.

£75 for the first person and only £50 for any others joining.
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Want to know the secret behind a perfect pint? Find out what happens behind the scenes in the Brewery, followed by a flight of our amazing ales. We offer tours every day Monday to Friday – just book your spot through our website and you are good to go!For only £10 pp (including a pint), that’s one heck of a bargain!
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